Suffolk County Community CollegeThroughout the 2021-2022 academic year, the college community came together to develop draft values, institutional goals, and strategic objectives for the college’s 2022-2027 strategic plan.  In May 2022, the Board of Trustees reviewed and fully supported the implementation of these nine values, six institutional goals, and 22 strategic objectives and since that time, they have been integrated into SUNY Suffolk’s planning and institutional effectiveness processes.

During the fall 2022 semester, the college’s Strategic Planning Council (SPC) discussed how to best engage the college community in completing the strategic planning process by reimagining its mission and vision statements.  A Mission and Vision subcommittee comprised of faculty and administrators was formed, and the group has been meeting bi-weekly since October to discuss and draft mission and vision statements for presentation to the college community.  The framework the subcommittee has been using to guide its conversations can be viewed below.

In spring 2023, the SPC collaborated with President Bonahue to host three calls to conversation and presented the draft mission and vision statements to the college community.  Approximately 250 students, faculty, staff and administrators across the college participated in the meetings offered both virtually and in-person, and provided feedback for consideration and incorporation into both statements.  The feedback received from all three campuses has been combined into one document, and we invite the college community to view those comments here.

After the final town hall meeting on April 5, 2023, a college brief was e-mailed to the college community encouraging final feedback on the proposed mission and vision statements.  Feedback received was shared with Mission and Vision subcommittee members and at the April 19th and April 26th subcommittee meetings, members voted to advance the selected draft statements to the Strategic Planning Council (SPC).  At its May 4, 2023 meeting, members of the SPC voted to move the present version of the complete 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, including Mission and Vision statements, Values, Institutional Goals, and Strategic Objectives, to the college’s Board of Trustees for review and approval.  At the June 15, 2023 general meeting of the college’s BOT, the complete 2022-2027 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board via resolution.

Mission and Vision Subcommittee Members

  • Dr. Edward T. Bonahue, President
  • Nina Acquavita, Academic Chair/Associate Professor of Communications; Congress Chair, Eastern Campus
  • Mary Lou Araneo, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Kerry Carlson, Associate Professor of Library Services
  • Dr. Donna Ciampa, Interim Executive Dean, Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Kaliah D. Greene, Interim Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness and SPC Co-chairperson
  • David Hannigan, Associate Professor, History and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Liesl Jones, Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Ted Koukounas, Academic Chair/Professor of Mathematics and SPC Co-chairperson
  • Dr. Elizabeth McCormick, Associate Professor of English; Senate Chair, Ammerman Campus
  • Rachael Millings, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Kathryn O’Donoghue, Assistant Academic Chair/Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Filiz Turhan-Swenson, Professor of English
  • Christina Vargas, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Dr. Joshua Wolfson, Associate Professor of Physical Education