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Joint Admissions helps you transfer seamlessly to a four-year school.

If you are interested in transferring to a four-year college upon graduation from Suffolk County Community College, then Joint Admissions may be of interest to you. Upon completion of your associate degree, you can transfer to one of the participating colleges providing you meet the requirements of the joint admissions agreement. This guaranteed admission to the four-year college will be honored for a two-year period following graduation from Suffolk, providing you do not matriculate at another institution. Note that you are under no obligation to attend the four-year college should your plans change for any reason.

To apply for joint admissions, refer to the list of Joint Admissions Agreements with participating colleges. We also recommend that you consult the catalogs from both Suffolk and the four-year college prior to admission. During your first semester at Suffolk, be sure to speak with a counselor regarding your joint admissions plans.

View Joint Admissions Agreements

Please note that in order to assist you best, Suffolk County Community College may share enrolled student information with colleges with which it has joint admissions or articulation agreements.