HEGIS Code - 5507, CIP Code - 43.0201

Program Learning Outcomes
Gainful Employment Disclosure
Curriculum Code: FRPT-CERT

     This curriculum provides a professional education in fire protection technology for those persons interested in pursuing employment in fire protection agencies as well as preparation for persons planning to work in industrial safety or inspection. The individual fire science courses prepare students with the insight and knowledge for varied careers in fire service.

     Students can earn a certificate upon successfully completing the fire science courses (FRPT-CERT). An Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree is awarded upon completion of the courses indicated below.

     Most career fire departments require either completion of certificate courses and/or the degree program for promotion inside the department.

     This program can be finished in two years by attending full-time or can be completed on a part-time basis as well. Except for FPT124 and FPT172, any fire science course can be taken in any semester. The following is an example of a course sequence but is not a required sequence. Students should consult with the department for guidance.

     On entry to program, students must take either FPT113 or FPT171.

FIRST SEMESTER: 12 credits Credits
FPT111: Introduction to Fire Protection 3
FPT113: Hazardous Materials I 3
FPT131: Building Construction and Facilities 3
FPT171: Industrial Safety Engineering I 3

SECOND SEMESTER: 18 credits Credits
FPT124: Hazardous Materials II 3
FPT140: Fire Protection Hydraulics 3
FPT148: Fire Service Management and Leadership 3
FPT149: Strategies and Tactics 3
FPT150: Arson and Fire Investigation 3
FPT172: Industrial Safety Engineering II 3


These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.