HEGIS Code - 5299.30, CIP Code - 13.1314

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: PHED-AS

     This program will prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university that offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with the ultimate goal of teaching Physical Education in a K-12 setting. Through the study of human movement, this program will prepare future professionals to promote high quality physical education and physical activity programs for children. It will provide students with a foundational knowledge on the processes through which individuals obtain optimal wellness, physical skill, and fitness. The program is available for full or part-time enrollment. However, the Physical Education courses must be taken in sequence. All students are encouraged to discuss course selection with the program coordinator.

Admission Procedures and Requirements

     Entering students must have a college-level math placement and have completed high school chemistry. Continuing students must have completed MAT007 or equivalent and CHE100. Those who do not fulfill the chemistry requirement should consult the Academic Chair for an alternative course selection. Spring semester applicants are accepted on a seat-available basis if they have successfully completed BIO130 and consult the Academic Chair. All interested students should consult the Academic Chair.

FIRST SEMESTER: 15 credits Credits
  BIO130: Anatomy and Physiology I 4
  COL101: College Seminar 1
  COM105: Public Speaking 3
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
PED132: Adventure Fitness 1
PED190: Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness and Sport 3

SECOND SEMESTER: 17 credits Credits
  BIO132: Anatomy and Physiology II 4
  ENG102: Introduction to Literature 3
HSC101: Health Concepts 3
  HIS103: Foundations of American History
or HIS104: Modern American History
PED201: Methodology of Team Sports 1
  PSY101: Introduction to Psychology 3

THIRD SEMESTER: 15 credits Credits
BIO245: Kinesiology 4
HSC111: Human Sexuality 3
PED130: Lifetime Fitness 1
PED155: Introduction to Swimming
or PED156: Fitness Swimming
PED202: Methodology of Racket Sports 1
PFS205: Fitness Assessment 2
* Restricted Social Science Elective 3

FOURTH SEMESTER: 17 credits Credits
HSC112: First Aid, Safety and CPR 3
  MAT103: Statistics I 3
PED191: Aspects of Coaching 3
PED203: Methodology of Lifetime Activities 1
PFS211: Nutrition and Human Performance 3
**♦ Restricted Physical Education Elective 1
  SUNY-GER Foreign Language or The Arts 3


* To be selected from SOC101, PSY203, PSY210, or PSY217.
** To be selected from PED133, PED148, PED151, or PED161.
These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.
  NOTES: 1) Students planning to transfer to a SUNY four-year institution should check the SUNY General Education Requirements for selecting courses.
2) See Transfer Agreements for articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities.