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For Immediate Release
April 17, 2023

Cyber Students Graduate with NSA Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense Designation

Suffolk County Community College’s Cybersecurity Program has been designated a National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense by the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C). The certifying group is managed by the U.S. government’s National Cryptologic School at the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA leads the U.S. Government in cryptology and cyber security.

Academic institutions designated by NSA in the NCAE-C program are recognized for not only academic excellence, but for their excellence in application of cybersecurity expertise to address national cybersecurity education issues as a community.

The CAE-C Designation goes well beyond the Program of Study Validation with additional requirements:

  • The CAE program has an established “Center” for cybersecurity that provides program guidance and oversight, general cyber defense information, collaboration and outreach.
  • The institution has a sound cybersecurity posture and plan and a commitment to the CAE Core Values
  • Faculty and student professional development opportunities.
  • Cybersecurity content is integrated into other degree programs within the academic institution. 
  • Cybersecurity concepts developed at the academic institution are shared with others to improve the practice of cybersecurity in the community. 
  • The institution has articulation agreements with institutions offering a cybersecurity program.

Designated institutions participate in CAE events such as community college symposiums, and workshops on advising and grant writing. There are several grants and scholarships offered only to institutions with CAE Centers Designation.

CAE Cyber Defense Center designation applications are reviewed by a team of government personnel and peer reviewers before certification is awarded.

The NCAE program’s mission is to create and manage a collaborative cybersecurity educational program with U.S. higher education institutions that:

  • establishes standards for cybersecurity curriculum and academic excellence,
  • includes competency development among students and faculty,
  • values community outreach and leadership in professional development, 
  • integrates cybersecurity practice within the institution across academic disciplines,
  • actively engages in solutions to challenges facing cybersecurity education.

Federal Partners include the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)/National Initiative on Cybersecurity Education (NICE), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Defense Office of the Chief Information Officer (DoD-CIO), and US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM).

The never-ending threat of cyber-related crime has created a high-demand for cybersecurity experts, ethical hackers and professionals trained to identify, stop, and prevent cybercrimes.

Suffolk County Community College’s Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program prepares students for a career in the cybersecurity industry. The program emphasizes network and computer systems security and information assurance concepts using a hands-on approach augmented by current cybersecurity industry standards and techniques.

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