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For Immediate Release
November 6, 2020

Suffolk’s Energy Savings Program Nominated For Prestigious Sustainability Award

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) has nominated Suffolk County Community College’s Energy Waste Reduction Program, that has saved the College nearly $6 million since 2014, for its prestigious AASHE 2020 Sustainability Award.  Suffolk is one of only five two-year colleges among the 40 colleges and universities nationally to be nominated from more than 400 entries.

Suffolk’s Energy Waste Reduction Program manages energy consumption by actively managing building temperatures and by conducting routine audits of 50 occupied and unoccupied buildings, adjusting temperature set points as needed and monitoring building schedules. Energy specialists also analyze and model the college’s energy consumption and future use to provide savings recommendations. 

“We’re not just reducing energy costs, we’re operating much more efficiently which results in benefits to our students, our College and the environment,” said Suffolk County Community College Interim President Louis Petrizzo.  “I congratulate our sustainability team and everyone at the college who has made conservation, efficiency, and savings a priority.” 

“Suffolk County Community College is extremely gratified to be named a finalist for the 2020 AASHE Sustainability Awards.  This recognition is a clear validation of the College’s commitment to improved efficiency and environmental impact mitigation.  As we continue to build upon the policy strategies and operational changes that were highlighted in this selection, we expect the impact of these efforts to grow even further in the future,” said Nicholas Palumbo, Suffolk’s executive director of sustainability programs.

The AASHE Sustainability Awards provide global recognition to the individuals and organizations leading higher education’s sustainability movement by raising the visibility of high-impact sustainability projects, pioneering research, and student leadership.

Winners will be announced live and celebrated during an awards ceremony on December 3.