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The Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) is a grant awarded to Suffolk County Community College by the NSF. Partners in an AGEP Transformation Alliances develop, replicate or reproduce; implement and study, via integrated educational and social science research, models to transform the dissertator phase of doctoral education, postdoctoral training and/or faculty advancement, and the transitions within and across the pathway levels, of URMs in STEM and/or STEM education research careers.

The NSF-AGEP Predominantly Undergraduate Institution (PUI) Alliance is comprised of Stony Brook University (lead Institution), Suffolk County Community College, Farmingdale State College, and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Faculty at Suffolk County Community College are selected to provide teaching mentorships and oversee micro-teaching experiences for URM doctoral dissertators in the STEM disciplines visiting from Stony Brook University. The goal of the project at Suffolk is to pave the way for increased diversity amongst Suffolk faculty and allow URM Suffolk County Community College undergraduate students to see themselves more represented in the faculty body. The AGEP PUI Alliance has the potential to advance a model to improve the success of URM early career STEM faculty in PUIs, which ultimately leads to improved academic mentorship for URM undergraduate students in STEM at community colleges, two-year academic institutions, and other PUIs.