Troy Tucker, PhD

Troy is a sponsored programs and research administrator trained in human ecology and anthropology. He received a BA from the University of Utah and an MS and PhD from the University of New Mexico. His past anthropological research includes demographic and ethnographic studies among native hunter-gatherers in Venezuela, agricultural villagers in Tanzania, swidden agriculturalists in Madagascar, native Americans in California and Nevada, and New Mexican men, as well as archaeological excavation, site survey and lab analysis in seven western US states.

His research spans foraging theory, demography, risk analysis, and human perception of risk and uncertainty, including work in human and ecological risk assessment for the US EPA, extreme engineering uncertainty propagation tools for NASA, and uncertainty visualization and analysis technology for the pharmaceutical industry. He organized a National Science Foundation conference on risk perception and communication and edited the proceedings for the New York Academy of Sciences. At Suffolk County Community College for the last eight years, he currently serves as College Associate Dean for Sponsored Programs.

Specialties: grant writing, research administration, project management, data analysis, statistics, mathematical modeling, quantitative and qualitative risk analysis, uncertainty analysis, software development, research project design.