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Administrative and Educational Support Unit Assessment

Suffolk County Community College approaches the assessment of both student learning outcomes (SLOs) and the support of student learning (support outcomes - SOs) specific to the College’s Administrative and Educational Support (AES) units as an institutional priority. The range of services provided by these units support student learning, the support of student learning, and the fundamental operations of the College. The differentiation of units is as follows:

  • Administrative Support Units – units primarily responsible for administrative functions which support the environment for student learning (i.e. financial aid)
  • Educational Support Units – units primarily responsible for providing direct educational support either to academic programs or students (i.e. library)
  • Community Outreach Units – units primarily responsible for providing non-traditional educational opportunities to external constituents (i.e. continuing education)

Given the need for continuous improvement, these units engage annually in the assessment of their SLOs and SOs. After a period of seven years, they have an opportunity to evaluate the impact of these continuous improvement efforts and plan for the future during the AES Unit Review process. By aligning these assessment and planning efforts with the College budgeting processes, Suffolk County Community College is positioned to operate within an integrated planning system and more evaluate its institutional effectiveness.


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