The SCCC Writing Centers promote literacy in every aspect of academic, personal, workplace and cultural life.  The SCCC Writing Centers promote the use of academic writing in all disciplines as a tool for learning, communicating, self-expression, and critical thinking.  The SCCC Writing Centers feel that students’ writing and their ideas, interests, and contributions are valuable and are worthy of attention, discussion, and development to their fullest potential.  All members of the SCCC community are welcome to work on and discuss any type of writing project at any stage of the writing process at the SCCC Writing Centers. 

Goals and Outcomes  


Provide constructive and productive feedback for student writers through a student-centered collaborative process.


SCCC Writing Centers will provide training and professional development opportunities for their staff through individualized and tri-campus workshops and by encouraging conference attendance and presentations. SCCC Writing Centers will implement a tutor evaluation system which will allow students to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the session.

SCCC Writing Centers will create, maintain, and update student attendance records for each student who uses the writing center, writing notes on the sessions that indicate the various aspects of students’ writing that they’ve discussed during sessions.


Encourage repeat usage of the SCCC Writing Centers for students.


SCCC Writing Centers will reinforce to students a clear understanding of what the tutoring session has accomplished, and what the next step in the writing process is by the end of each tutoring session.

SCCC Writing Centers will encourage students to make repeat visits in order to tailor the session to individual students and help make tutoring more efficient and to help improve students’ writing skills.


Assist faculty through increased communication and collaboration with departments, services, and instructors.


SCCC Writing Centers will offer introductory visits to classes and/or departments to help publicize and clarify the resources available to student writers and instructors.

SCCC Writing Centers will compose and disseminate will compose and disseminate information about their services through media such as hand-outs, flyers, bookmarks, electronic communications, advertisements, and writing resources to be used by students, instructors, departments, and services.

SCCC Writing Centers will create and distribute referrals/reports (with student consent) to indicate if a student has utilized the Writing Center for instructors to track students’ progress.

SCCC Writing Centers will contribute to appropriate/relevant college-wide and campus events such as Professional Development Day, Commit to Complete, Campus Activities Day, and College Open Houses.

AES Unit Review 2013-2014 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan