Montaukett Learning Resource Center

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) offers students the opportunity to strengthen their academic skills and improve their rate of success in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The Center is open Monday through Saturdays. (Please check for specific hours here.) Students are encouraged to visit often and early in order to take advantage of the services that we offer.

Contact Us

Academic Skills Center

Eastern Campus
Montaukett Learning Resource Center
Room 224
Phone: (631) 548-2594

Pina Arcomano Britton
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Courtney Foley
Specialist I
Phone: (631) 548-3505

Laura Harding
College Aide
Phone: (631) 548-2594

Math and Science Learning Center

Marta Szpak
Shinnecock Building, Room 120
Phone: (631) 548-2625

No Appointment Necessary

Center for Excellence in Writing

Eastern Campus
Orient Building, Room 214
Phone: (631) 548-3600
When prompted, dial 1714#