The Business and Sciences Center was created in response to the expansion of our service offerings. Math related tutoring services can be found at this site.

Location: Learning Resource Center (LRC) 149.
Coordinator: Kevin Reilly, (631) 851-6912

The center is open when classes are in session. Please refer to the College Academic Calendar for holiday closings.

No appointment  necessary unless otherwise noted.

Business and Sciences Center Services:

We provide assistance with all accounting classes that are offered. Do not forget to check our schedule for availability of knowledgeable tutors in this area.

Tutoring services are available for the following courses:

  • AC11 / ACC101 - Principles of Accounting I
  • AC12 / ACC102 - Principles of Accounting II
  • AC15 / ACC115 - Managerial Accounting
  • AC16 / ACC116 - Practical Accounting
  • AC37 / ACC137 - Computer Accounting Principles
  • AC51 / ACC201 - Intermediate Accounting I
  • AC52 / ACC202 - Intermediate Accounting II
  • AC84 / ACC214 - Corporate Finance


Tutoring is available for the following biological sciences:

  • General Biology (BY14, BY50 and BY52)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (BY30 and BY32)
  • Microbiology (BY44)
  • Genetics (BY62)
  • Oceanography (OC15)

Anyone taking one of the above subjects who has questions regarding the material read or discussed in class is welcome to stop by the Center for Academic Excellence for assistance. We also have computer software that can enhance the understanding of complex biological mechanisms (Pathways).

Tutoring is provided for all Chemistry students and is done on a walk-in basis.

Computer programs are available for students to work individually to reinforce content taught in the class. At all times staff is available to direct you to a computer, and assist you in setting up the program, by appointment, if necessary. 

Students are free to use the computer program and to spend as much time as they wish using the program.

We provide tutoring services for the following chemistry classes:

  • CH19 - General Chemistry
  • CH21 - Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry
  • CH29 - Foundations of College Chemistry
  • CH33/34 - College Chemistry I
  • CH45 - Principles of Organic and Biochemistry II (Tutoring will be available soon in this class.)
  • CH55/56 - Organic Chemistry I & II (Tutoring will be available soon in this class.)

Tutoring is provided for ALL math courses including:

  • MALA - Mathematics Laboratory
  • MAT001 - Developmental Mathematics Skills
  • MAT006 - Pre-Algebra and Algebra I
  • MAT007 - Algebra I
  • MAT101 - Survey of Mathematical Reasoning
  • MAT102 - Survey of Contemporary Mathematical Topics
  • MAT103 - Statistics I
  • MAT104 - Statistics II
  • MAT107 - Computer Mathematics Concepts
  • MAT108 - Mathematics and the Law
  • MAT111 - Algebra II
  • MAT112 - Technical Mathematics I
  • MAT113 - Technical Mathematics II
  • MAT115H - Mathematics: A Historical Perspective
  • MAT121 - Finite Mathematics
  • MAT124 - Fundamentals of Precalculus I
  • MAT125 - Fundamentals of Precalculus II
  • MAT126 - Precalculus Mathematics
  • MAT131 - Calculus for Non-Science Majors
  • MAT141 - Calculus With Analytic Geometry I
  • MAT142 - Calculus With Analytic Geometry II
  • MAT203 - Calculus With Analytic Geometry III
  • MAT204 - Differential Equations
  • MAT205 - Discrete Mathematics
  • MAT206 - Linear Algebra

    The math room contains seven Gateway computers with access to any online homework associated with each textbook.

We provide assistance with all physics classes that are offered, both calculus and non-calculus based courses.

Tutoring services are available for ALL of the following courses:

  • PH15 - PH29 - Courses designed for technical career students
  • PH30 - PH39 - Courses designed for health career students
  • PH50 - PH59 - Non-calculus college physics courses
  • PH70 - PH79 - Calculus-based courses designed for physics and engineering students

By appointment, please contact Coordinator Kevin Reilly.



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