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Career Counseling is a holistic approach which can help you to explore majors and the career decision making process. Counselors/advisors will discuss strategies for making decisions, and help you translate your ideas into majors and career goals. They will use interest and personality inventories to empower you in this process.

Career counseling will only be as successful as the work you put into it.

During your career planning sessions, you may discuss:

  • personality, interests, strengths, values, and abilities
  • the career planning process
  • the results of your assessment
  • careers and/or majors that are of interest
  • websites available for obtaining more career/major information
  • creating a short list and exploring how each option fits with your personality, interests, strengths, values, and abilities
  • participating in an internship/co—op experience, and/or volunteering.
  • designing a ‘plan of action’ with your career counselor/advisor as part of the career decision- making process.

Remember, this is a process!

Visit your Career Services office to discuss which assessment is appropriate for your needs. Assessments may include: Focus 2, Strong, and MBTI.