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Our mission is to enhance, accentuate, inspire and support the cultural and intellectual diversity at Suffolk County Community College. This is essential for a continual progression toward excellence.

We are committed to:

  • exploring ideas from our colleagues, from national resources including other colleges and institutions of learning, and from our local communities;
  • organizing this information and insight into useful initiatives, programs and community events;
  • maintaining an open-access resource file;
  • collaborating with academic departments/divisions to develop creative ways to further infuse diversity into the curriculum;
  • modifying our grounds and buildings to reflect the rich multicultural composition of our college and community; and
  • realizing our vision through our attitudes and practices.


We envision a college environment that recognizes and celebrates the vital richness and necessity of diversity; a curriculum that continues to progress toward broader cultural awareness and competence; and a community that demonstrates inherent sensitivity, appreciation and respect for individuals and groups of difference.


  • To foster an understanding and appreciation of diversity within the college community, and to provide opportunities for the community to understand and celebrate diversity.
  • To promote the cultural, personal, social, leadership, and intellectual development of all students.
  • To ensure the inclusion of underrepresented and/or underserved populations in the entitlements, benefits, and opportunities provided to the general student population.