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Cassandra, the literary magazine for the Grant Campus, is published on an annual basis. Its title derives from a figure in Greek mythology, Cassandra, who was given the gift of prophecy by the Greek god, Apollo. She could foretell the future, see what others could not, and know absolute truth. Because this gift, however, also changed her, making her cynical and fearful, some legends have it that Apollo eventually allowed the gift of compassion to enter her soul. With this second gift, Cassandra was determined to make her truths known through writings. Soon wise mortals recognized these truths as poetry.

Cassandra's goal is to publish those poems and short stories, along with art work and photographs, which deal with not only women's issues, but also humanistic issues. Cassandra is a forum for many different backgrounds, both female and male, full and part-time students, day and evening students. Cassandra also sponsors an annual poetry contest with cash prizes.
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Compass, the student newspaper on the Ammerman Campus, is published during the academic year and serves as a vehicle of expression for the entire campus. All students are welcome to work on the newspaper and any member of the college community can submit articles for publication.

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East End Elements, the literary publication for the Eastern Campus, is published on an annual basis. While the focus continues to be the poems and stories of students on the Eastern Campus, work by campus faculty and staff is included as well. Any student interested in becoming involved in editing, publishing, or writing should contact us.

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Evolution, the literary magazine for the Ammerman Campus, is published twice a year. Evolution provides students with an outlet of expression through their literary, artistic, and photographic works. All students are encouraged to contribute material at any time during the semester.

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The Lighthouse News is the student-run Eastern Campus newspaper. We publish issues each semester, and we welcome questions, ideas for stories, and volunteer writers. Any student at Suffolk County Community College is welcome to participate.
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Lilith, a literary publication on the Ammerman Campus, provides an opportunity for the expression of feelings and opinions about issues pertaining to the changing expectations and roles of women and men in the world. Lilith publishes once a year and is open to students, faculty, and staff.

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Western Student Press, the student newspaper at the Grant Campus, is published periodically during the academic year. Any student interested in working on the newspaper should contact us.

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