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College for High School Students

  • The Beacon Program

    Suffolk County Community College’s Excelsior Program has taken on a new name so as not to be confused with New York State's accessible college program – The Excelsior Scholarship.  Suffolk County Community College’s concurrent enrollment program formerly called the Excelsior Program, will now be referred to as The Beacon Program, Illuminating the Pathway to College and Career for High School Students! All policies, procedures, and personnel will remain the same.

    Suffolk's Beacon Program is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors who attend our partnering high schools, to take Suffolk's credentialed college courses that are offered at their high school through the Beacon Program, on their high school campus during their regular school hours, while simultaneously working toward high school graduation.


  • The Early College Program

    Suffolk County Community College Early College Program (ECP) is an opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors who attend our partnering high schools, to take college courses offered through the ECP in accordance with the high school partnership, at one of Suffolk's designated college campuses with other college students, experiencing college life.


  • Student and Teacher Educational Opportunities

    Suffolk County Community College provides professional development opportunities for P-12 teachers to collaborate, share and interact with College faculty, as well as academic enrichment for high school students to participate in specifically designed programs.