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State University of New York

General Education Requirement

All students enrolled in programs leading to A.A., A.S., and baccalaureate degrees are required by the State University of New York to complete 30 credits of SUNY-GER general education in a minimum of seven of 10 areas. Students must take at least one course each in both Mathematics and Basic Communication and in five of the following eight areas:

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Social Sciences
  3. American History
  4. Western Civilization
  5. Other World Civilizations
  6. Humanities
  7. The Arts
  8. Foreign Language

Students who are planning to transfer to SUNY baccalaureate programs are strongly encouraged to take three of the five courses in Natural Science, Social Science, and the Humanities, as these areas are required in nearly all bachelor’s degree programs.

In addition to the seven of 10 course requirement, students must also demonstrate the following competencies, which are infused throughout the General Education program:

  1. Critical Thinking (Reasoning)
  2. Information Management

See list below to determine which Suffolk County Community College courses fulfill the SUNY General Education requirements.

American HistoryGAMH

For All Students

American History (Restricted)GAHR

For Students Scoring above 85 on NYS American History Regents

Western CivilizationGWCV

Basic CommunicationGBC