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Online Education Programs

Fully online programs provide opportunities for students to complete all course requirements without needing to attend any classes on campus. Course requirements and content for online degrees are equivalent to the College’s requirements for traditional campus-based (i.e., face-to-face) curricula.

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Evening Courses

Half the College’s student body is comprised of students enrolled in classes scheduled during the late afternoons and evenings, Monday through Friday, and in weekend course offerings. Most evening students are enrolled in one of the degree or certificate programs, but some students simply take a few courses to meet specific job requirements, prepare for advancement to better positions, promote self-development, or broaden their understanding of contemporary cultural and social phenomena.

Evening and weekend classes are offered on all three campuses. These courses are identical in content to those offered during the day session. Unless otherwise noted, all academic and administrative guidelines and regulations which pertain to full-time students also apply to part-time students. Students have access to the complete classroom, laboratory and library facilities of the campuses and are provided with academic advisement, counseling and other services.

Individuals who plan to work toward a degree or certificate should apply as a matriculated student through the Admissions Office. Those interested in taking credit courses for personal or vocational enrichment and not pursuing a degree or certificate, should contact the Campus Registrar's Office. For those interested in taking non-credit courses, please see Continuing Education.

Insufficient enrollment in a course or program, or in a given semester, may make it necessary for students to enroll in a day class, at another campus, or to attend extra semesters in order to complete specific required courses. Please consult with the campus Office of Academic Affairs on any campus for further information.

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