Program Learning Outcomes
Gainful Employment Disclosure
HEGIS Code - 5004, CIP Code - 52.1803
Curriculum Code: BURM-CERT

This certificate program is designed for those seeking a position in the field of retailing, as well as those currently employed in a retailing capacity who may need to acquire specific retailing background and skills.

The certificate concept allows the student to accomplish this goal in the shortest passage of time, while providing the student with employable skills.

FIRST SEMESTER: 16 credits Credits
BUS101: Introduction to Business 3
BUS115: College/Workplace Skills Seminar 1
BUS123: Entrepreneurship 3
BUS130: Retail Principles 3
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
MKT101: Marketing 3

SECOND SEMESTER: 16 credits Credits
BUS107: Business Mathematics 3
BUS112: Computing for Business 4
BUS132: Retail Buying and Merchandising 3
  Economics Elective 3
MKT213: Advertising 3


These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.