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How to Apply to the Nursing Program

Prospective nursing students are strongly advised to attend a Nursing Information Seminar.

The Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing operates Associate Degree Programs in two locations (Ammerman Campus and Grant Campus). When applying to the Nursing Program you may select your campus location preference. Please be advised that preferences are not guaranteed.

The LPN to RN program start date and application deadline for 2025 has not yet been determined. The application will be forthcoming.

Current High School Students:

Current high school students may complete an application online or in person at the Admissions office, and submit an official high school transcript or GED with immunization records as well as a meningitis form.

Students previously or currently enrolled in college, or
High School Graduates with no college credits:

If you have taken courses at Suffolk County Community College before, but are not currently attending, submit a readmission form through the Office of Admissions. (You may need to resubmit your high school and/or college transcripts if you have not been in attendance for more than 3 years.)

To take courses as a non-matriculated student (non-degree seeking) you may register by completing a Non-Degree Student Application Form. Some courses have pre-requisite requirements and may require a waiver. Meeting with a counselor prior to registration can provide you with additional information.

To begin taking courses as a matriculated student (degree seeking), you must submit an admission application for Liberal Arts General Studies to the campus where the desired program is offered. Courses may be taken on a full-time (12 credits or more) or part-time (11 credits or less) basis.

If you do not have a prior college degree:

Complete an application online or in person at the Admissions office, and submit an official high school transcript or GED with immunization records as well as a meningitis form.

Transfer Credit Policies

If you do have a prior college credits or a degree from another institution:
Please follow the steps above and send all official transcripts from former college(s) to:

Suffolk County Community College
College Transfer Evaluator
533 College Road, Kreiling Hall, Room 103
Selden, NY 11784

The Transfer Credit Office will evaluate your transfer credits and notify you by mail if your college courses are applicable to the nursing program and will transfer.  The Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing does not evaluate or accept Nursing credits from another institution.

Contact Central Admissions at (631) 451-4414 to determine if your transcripts are on file.

Internal Transfer

Students internally transferring from the RN program to the PN program will receive transfer credit for successfully completing an RN course with a C+ or higher.

NUR116 credit for PNU116

NUR102 credit for PNU120 (RN Transfer students who did not complete NUR102 must start with PNU116/119)

NUR133 credit for PNU119 ( RN Transfer students who did not complete NUR133 must take PNU119)

NUR136 credit for PNU128

NUR236 and NUR238 credit for PNU135 (RN Transfer students must have successfully completed both NUR236 and NUR238 for substitution credit for PNU135.

NUR240 credit for PNU133

Students completing 1st year courses in NUR will be given credit for PNU116, PNU119, PNU120 and PNU128 as noted in course substituion guidelines.


Background Checks

All nursing students in the Suffolk County Community College nursing programs are required to complete a background check through a designated company prior to the start of their first clinical experience. The student's Social Security Number will be used to process the background check. Background checks submitted without a valid Social Security number will be considered incomplete. Students must also permit the Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing to release the outcome of the background check to the assigned clinical facility. Students with an incomplete background check and/or 'flagged' background checks may be denied access to the clinical facility. Students who cannot participate in clinical experiences due to adverse backgrounds are unable to fulfill the clinical requirements of the program. Further information is provided in the Nursing Student Handbook.


Important Telephone Numbers and Information

To apply, or get more information, please view our Admissions Procedures.

Or call the Admissions Office at the campus you are applying to

Ammerman Campus
533 College Road
Selden, NY 11784-2899
(631) 451-4022
Eastern Campus
121 Speonk-Riverhead Road
Riverhead, NY 11717-1092
(631) 548-2512
Michael J. Grant Campus
Crooked Hill Road
Brentwood, NY 11716
(631) 851-6719
Central Admissions
(631) 451-4414


Please Note:

Students in the LPN to RN Advanced Placement Program will receive 8.5 prior learning credits upon successfully completing NUR125.