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ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) Questions and Answers

The ATI TEAS is a Test of Essential Academic Skills that measures students basic or entry-level program readiness in the major content areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science and English/Language usage. The ATI TEAS score report will identify students overall academic preparedness necessary to support learning of nursing course content.

ATI TEAS must be taken in the year before you apply.

Applicants must complete the application for admission by the application deadline. The Office of Central Admission must receive the ATI TEAS score report by the application deadline.
Specific dates are posted on the ATI website the Online Store.
Log on to the ATI website at
Create an account. Be sure to list Suffolk CC Ammerman as your campus regardless of the campus you will be attending.  
When creating an account you will be asked to enter the Student ID your institution has given you. Use your Suffolk County Community College ID#. If you do not have a Suffolk County Community College ID# enter your date of birth as 8 digits: mm/dd/yyyy (include back slashes) It is critical that your date of birth is accurate for application processing. 

Follow the link to the Online Store to register for the ATI TEAS exam.

You cannot register directly at any campus.
Once you register and pay for the ATI TEAS test, the fee is not refundable if you change the appointment date.
SCCC does not offer the TEAS exam on site.
Students are required to pre-pay the $115.00 when registering for the ATI TEAS test. All costs are subject to change without notice.
The first transcript for Suffolk County Community College is included in the cost for test.

It is highly recommended that you purchase the ATI TEAS Package from
It includes online practice assessments and the Study Manual at a discounted price.

SCCC also offers review classes thru the Continuing Education Department.

The test is either offered remotely or at an institution offering it on site.  For an on site test bring your ID and 2 pencils. Scrap paper will be provided.
The exam is 210 minutes (3 and half hours) long with 170 multiple choice questions.

Test results will be available on line at .You must use your username/password. If you have any questions retrieving your test scores, contact ATI at the number listed on their web site.
Test scores will be valid for admission consideration, for one year prior to the application deadline.
You can repeat the ATI TEAS once within the year and the results of the 2nd attempt will be the valid test score considered with your application.
You must pay each time you take the ATI TEAS test.
If you are applying/reapplying and/or your scores on the ATI TEAS exam do not meet the required minimums, then we strongly encourage you to:
  • Log into and review your ATI TEAS individual performance profile.
  • Closely examine your "topics to review" individualized report.
  • Review the ATI TEAS Focused Review available on the "my results" tab at to work on areas identified.
  • Attend campus Academic Success Center for assistance/tutoring in Writing and Mathematics.
Then re-test.
At no time will scores be combined from different tests. Test scores will be valid for one academic year and the 2nd attempt will be the valid test score.
Scores that do not come directly from ATI will not be accepted.
Next to the date of the exam on ATI's Online store is a Learn More tab. Click for Request for Accommodation instructions.