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For Immediate Release
March 1, 2022

Suffolk County Community College Shifts to Mask Optional Policy March 2

Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Edward Bonahue, in a message to the College community, today announced the College will shift to a mask optional policy beginning Wednesday, March 2.

Bonahue said the state ended its masking mandate for K-12 public schools citing declining positivity rates, serious illness and hospitalizations and that an increasing number of New Yorkers are fully vaccinated. SUNY also updated its guidance. In addition, Bonahue wrote, the CDC’s guidance on masking has changed significantly.

Bonahue said he will adopt the college’s Safe Start Task Force recommendations effective March 2:

  • Masking continues to be an option for members of our community but will no longer be required.

  • The college will continue to provide masks, hand sanitizer, and the same level of cleaning services.

  • The college will continue to provide on-campus COVID testing and surveillance testing will continue.

  • Students attending clinical or internship sites with more stringent masking rules must continue to comply with the site’s policies.

Bonahue said the following COVID-related policies and procedures remain in effect:

  • Student vaccination requirement: In alignment with SUNY’s Student Vaccine Policy, all students coming to campus for classes, activities or services must be vaccinated for COVID-19

  • Student booster requirement:  As soon as they are eligible, students must present evidence of a COVID-19 vaccine booster during the spring 2022 semester

  • Surveillance testing: All college employees and on-campus students are required to participate in surveillance testing twice per month, regardless of vaccination status

  • Continue to monitor your health: Everyone is encouraged to continue following good hygiene practices, to monitor their health daily, and to stay home if they feel ill.  Faculty, staff, and students who are unvaccinated, may have or care for family members with a heightened risk for illness, are encouraged to continue to wear a mask. Again, the community is reminded to be respectful toward anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask.