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For Immediate Release
September 7, 2022

MicroMesters Offer Flexibility, Focus, Ability to Earn Credits Faster This Fall

MicroMesters are a great way to earn credits in a compressed time frame.
MicroMesters are a great way to earn credits in a compressed time frame.

Students registering at Suffolk County Community College this fall may choose to enroll in the College’s new MicroMesters and earn credits faster, focus on fewer courses and stay on track to graduation.

“In addition to offering a full college experience with arts and athletics and every kind of traditional student activity, we also know that many of our students are balancing college courses with work and family obligations, and we want to do everything we can to offer flexible options that meet their needs,” said Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Edward Bonahue.

“MicroMesters are a great way to earn credits in a compressed time frame, said Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Patty Munsch.  “There are two 7.5-week MicroMesters within a traditional 15-week semester,” she explained.

“MicroMester classes are faster-paced, meet more often and may appeal to recent high school graduates who are accustomed to attending classes five days per week and completing daily assignments in a shorter time frame,” said Munsch, “and some students may find MicroMester course material is easier to recall for assignments and exams. Looking back through 15 weeks of notes and remembering key material can be stressful and time-consuming. With a MicroMester, students may more easily recall information for assignments and exams,” she added.

MicroMester Benefits

  • flexibility
  • earn the same number of credits in 7.5 weeks instead of 15 weeks
  • complete prerequisites more quickly
  • for students with more responsibilities like a job and family, focusing on two classes each session may better fit their schedule
  • course material remains top of mind for assignments and exams
  • stay on track to graduate

MicroMesters will be offered in the following course modalities this fall:

  • Blended - partly in person and partly Online or Real-Time Online 
  • Online - instruction is provided by the professor through Blackboard, the college’s learning management system, and students interact with faculty and complete assignments working on their own time while adhering to course deadlines 
  • Traditional – all class meetings on campus, in person 

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor before registering.