Health Services

Services Offered

About Health Services

Each campus has a Health Services Office staffed by registered nurses who work under the direction of a consulting physician. The college embraces a philosophy of preventative health practices as a sound approach for the campus community.  Specific services offered include the following:

  • emergency first aid and referral for injuries
  • treatment and referral for acute illnesses
  • personal health counseling
  • referrals to community services and agencies
  • accident and health insurance information
  • preventative health care brochures and information
  • immunization information, certification, and free clinics
  • special parking requests
  • medical clearance for students in health careers programs

Health Education Programs and Services

  • AIDS education
  • smoking cessation
  • drug and alcohol education
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • birth control
  • date rape
  • eating disorders
  • blood pressure screening
  • HIV antibody testing
  • health fairs

For a listing of upcoming programs, visit the Calendar of Events.