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Health Insurance

Suffolk County Community College does not offer, endorse, or promote any health insurance plans for its students. As a courtesy only, the Health Services Offices may have information about private plans that are available to students.

Accident Insurance

Due to legal and regulatory changes related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as of Fall 2018, the College will no longer offer the Student Accident Insurance Plan (SAIP) to students. 

Based on these conditions, all students must now find their own private health insurance coverage. Individuals under the age of 26 may qualify for health insurance under a parent’s plan. Individuals may also be eligible to be covered under their parent’s plan until age 29 under State law if certain requirements are met. For more information, see the NYS Department of Financial Services website. Those who do not qualify for coverage under a parent’s health insurance policy should visit the New York State Health Plan Marketplace at By following the steps outlined on the website, students can identify and purchase healthcare coverage ideally suited to their own needs, as well as explore whether they qualify for free or low-cost coverage options and assistance that may be available to obtain coverage. Some students may not be able to obtain coverage through the Marketplace until the open enrollment period for 2019 coverage begins later this fall, but some students may qualify for a special enrollment period and, thus, be able to obtain coverage now, so we encourage students to research their eligibility and coverage options as soon as possible.

Please note that it is extremely important for students to obtain health insurance. The College encourages its students to pursue either: (a) coverage through a parent’s health insurance or; (b) a personal policy available through the online Marketplace. Students are responsible for their own health, and should take the time to find the ideal insurance options.