The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs is to provide high quality legal advice, guidance and representation to advance and protect the mission and vision of the College. The department seeks to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; maintain, monitor and implement a comprehensive risk management function; foster a premier learning and working environment that is equitable, accessible, diverse and inclusive; and develop and maintain collaborative relationships with governmental entities.

The Office of Legal Affairs manages and coordinates all legal and employment services for the College; advises on the legal ramifications of College policy and decision-making; and promotes compliance through sound legal advice, representation and training.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Goal:
    To ensure the College's compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations, as well as with College policies and procedures.
    • Outcomes:
      Train faculty and staff to ensure compliance with College policies and relevant state and federal laws, rules and regulations, including those relating to equal opportunity and affirmative action, to ensure that they will have an enlightened understanding of the legal implications of their actions. Assess, investigate, respond and resolve internal complaints of discrimination and discriminatory harassment.

  • Goal:
    To ensure that all employees receive proper benefits information.
    • Outcomes:
      New Employees will receive a full packet of information prior to starting.
      The office will respond quickly to requests for additional benefits information.
      All employees will be informed of changes to existing benefits. All employees will be informed of the open enrollment period for health insurance.

  • Goal:
    To ensure that alleged employee contract violations are handled effectively.
    • Outcomes:
      Complaints regarding contract violations will be addressed in a timely manner.
      The Office will follow appropriate contractual timelines for answering grievances.
      The Office will provide all backup and documents for the College to defend its decisions if the grievance proceeds to arbitration.

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan