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2023-2024 Strategic Planning Council


Strategic Planning Council (SPC) Charge


Voting Members

  • Theodore Koukounas – Academic Chair/Professor of Mathematics – Eastern Campus – Co-Chairperson
  • Kaliah D. Greene – Interim Vice President, Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness – Co-Chairperson
  • Mary Lou Araneo – Vice President, Institutional Advancement – Central Administration
  • Shady Azzam-Gomez – Vice President, Information Technology/Chief Information Officer – Central Administration
  • Dr. Michael Boecherer – Academic Chair/Professor of English; Congress Representative – Eastern Campus
  • Joanne E. Braxton – College Dean of Enrollment Management – Central Administration
  • Dr. Donna Ciampa – Interim Campus Executive Dean – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Cynthia Eaton – Professor of English; Congress Representative – Eastern Campus
  • Nina Fielding – Academic Chair/Associate Professor of Communications; Congress Representative – Eastern Campus
  • Thomas Flesher – Assistant Professor of Economics Ammerman Campus
  • Michael J. Forte – Assistant Director, Web Services – Central Administration
  • Dr. Daphne Gordon – Specialist II, Entrepreneurial Assistance Center – Central Administration
  • Sara Gorton – Interim Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs – Central Administration
  • Lisa Hamilton – Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Carol Hernandez – College Assistant Dean, Center for Teaching and Learning – Central Administration
  • Arlene Jackson – College Assistant Dean, Continuing Education Central Administration
  • David Johnson – Director of EOP – Central Administration
  • John Lombardo – Associate Vice President, Economic Development – Central Administration 
  • Janine Ludwig – Program Coordinator, Health Information Technology Program; Assembly Representative Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Elizabeth McCormick – Professor of English; Senate Chair – Ammerman Campus
  • Dr. Patty Munsch-Eilbeck – Vice President, Student Affairs – Central Administration
  • Isaac Oddoye – Specialist II, Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness – Central Administration
  • Samantha Portillo – Student Trustee – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Mary M. Reese – Interim Campus Executive Dean – Eastern Campus
  • Dr. Irene Rios – Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs/Ammerman Campus Executive Dean– Central Administration
  • Dr. Tat Sang So – Associate Professor of English - Michael J. Grant Campus
  • David Schneider – Executive Director of Risk Mitigation Central Administration
  • Dr. Lauren Tacke-Cushing – Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs Central Administration
  • Christina Vargas – College Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator Central Administrator
  • Scott Votke – Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Assembly Representative – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Helen C. Wittmann – Assistant to the Vice President of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness – Central Administration
  • Dr. Joshua Wolfson – Associate Professor of Physical Education; Assembly Chair – Michael J. Grant Campus
  • Dr. Yu Zhang – Assistant Academic Chair/Associate Professor of Chemistry; Congress Chair Eastern Campus

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Dr. Edward Bonahue – College President Central Administration
  • Carol Wickliffe-Campbell – Chief of Staff to the President – Central Administration
  • Dr. Caroline Burns – Assistant Director, Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness – Central Administration

Long-Range Plans

Suffolk County Community College engages in annual operational planning as well as strategic planning and the College also develops, implements, and assesses a number of important long range plans. These plans provide guidance and the blueprints for the success of important activities that impact the entire institution. These plans are defined as long-range because they have goals and objectives that span many years, however, the plans are assessed yearly to determine the progress made towards completion of the plan. As part of the College integrated planning approach, the goals that drive the long range plans are aligned with the Suffolk County Community College strategic plan through the institutional goals and, where appropriate, the measurable institutional objectives.

Operational Planning

Operational Planning Template

2019-2020 Operational Planning Final Report

2020-2021 Operational Planning Final Report with Addendum

2021-2022 Operational Planning Final Report

2022-2023 Operational Planning Final Report

2023-2024 Operational Plan

Strategic Plan

View the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan