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Simple tips for a smooth transfer process...

  1. Make an appointment with a transfer counselor in the Counseling Center.
  2. Determine what's important to you in selecting a transfer college:
    • Public vs. private
    • Cost/location/housing availability
    • Is your program/major available
    • How selective is the program you selected (i.e. GPA requirement)
  3. Identify alternative transfer colleges:
    • Attend transfer day events at the college and meet with four-year college representatives
    • Research colleges’ strengths and weaknesses
    • Talk to counselors, faculty, your academic advisor, and other students
    • Use internet search programs (look under "online resources" tab)
  4. Narrow your choices down to two to four colleges and investigate them further:
    • Visit the transfer college(s) and take a tour
    • Meet with an Admissions Counselor, inquire about transfer credit and transfer scholarships (bring an unofficial transcript)
    • Talk to faculty in your program area
  5. If letters of recommendation are needed, make appropriate arrangements with faculty/administrators who know you well and are likely to write the strongest letters on your behalf.
  6. Apply no later than the deadline date(s).
  7. Apply for financial aid for each school as soon as possible.
  8. Make arrangements to have your official transcript sent from all institutions attended, not just SCCC.

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For students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, agreements are provided to assist students to transfer more effectively. Other transfer opportunities are available, but the agreements below have been developed to ensure minimal to no loss of credits.

See a list of these institutions on our Transfer Agreements Page.
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