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Language Testing International’s (LTI) American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is a credit-by-examination program. These exams allow individuals to demonstrate their mastery of college-level material in over 120 languages. Credit may be awarded to students who pass ACTFL exams by earning a minimum score of Novice High.

You will not be given credit at Suffolk for a ACTFL exam if you previously passed the course(s) at Suffolk or received transfer credit for that course.

ACTFL credit does not carry a letter grade nor is it computed as part of the student’s grade point average (GPA).  It is identified on the transcript as ACTFL credit for the particular course or subject area.

Registration and Costs

To register for your online assessment, please follow the directions below.

  • Go to: to purchase your test and create your account. 
  • On the left side of the screen, select the language to be tested, and click Get Certified.
  • Go to the second box of the right-hand column, and click “Choose Test” under I am a student or teacher and need to take an ACTFL assessment as a requirement for my academic program. 
  • Enter “Suffolk County Community College” in the search field. Click Continue. 
  • Select your test(s) – click Select Test so it turns blue; then click Continue to Schedule. Only the OPI or OPIc is needed for a maximum of 6 credits. Both the Oral (OPI or OPIc) and Writing (WPT) assessments are required to obtain up to 12 credits.

The OPIc and WPT each cost $73. The OPI costs $145. Prices are subject to change. Students should reach out to LTI at for latest pricing.

Suffolk Course Equivalents

Test Min. Score Credits Equivalent Courses
OPI or OPIc Novice High 6 FLATR1 & FLATR2 (101-102)
WPT and (OPI or OPIc) Intermediate High 9 FLATR1, FLATR2, & FLATR3 (101-102, 201)
WPT and (OPI or OPIc) Advanced High 12

FLATR1, FLATR2, FLATR3, FLATR4 (101-102, 201-202)