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For online tech help visit our TechChat TechChat Icon on the lower right corner of this page.

Yes. Before you start using the computer to work please answer the questions on the screen. That is important information that provides the support needed to maintain and improve on the computer resources available to serve you. 

If you are a current student or faculty/staff:

  1. Go to Settings in your mobile device
  2. Turn Wi-Fi on
  3. Choose SCCC-Public network

All users are responsible for knowing the college's policy and are deemed to have accepted the restrictions by utilizing the technology resources. Please refer to the SCCC Information Technology Policies and Guidelines for Students.

Yes, indoor wireless access is available throughout all three campuses’ buildings. 

Campus Outdoor Wi-Fi Maps:

Ammerman Campus

Eastern Campus

Grant Campus

Yes. The student portal is open 24/7 with occasional outages for updates and maintenance between midnight and 7am.
Yes. Go to the Suffolk Login Portal at, enter your Suffolk username and password. After entering the code sent to the Authentication Method you set up, you will have access to all the Suffolk Apps available to you. 
  1. Sign in in to the Suffolk Login Portal at with your Suffolk username and password.
  2. Go to MySCCC and enter your Suffolk username and password.
  3.  From the Home tab under the Quick Links for Students menu on the left side, click on the 'View My Schedule' link.
  4. Select the term for which you are registered and click submit. 
  5. Your ID number is on the upper right side of the screen, to the left of your name.

Go to MySCCC ( and click on the link 'Create a Username and Password'. This link is at the bottom of login fields, under New Students. You will need to enter your Student ID# or Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Here is the direct link to Create a Username and Password.  

After you have established a password, log in to the Suffolk Login Portal at go to Outlook to complete activation of your email. Enter your full school email address ( and set up your time zone: Eastern time/USA/Canada and click save. 

Contact the Academic Computing Center (ACC) Help Desks


Call: (631) 451-4211, (631) 851-6556 or (631) 548-2612 


Ammerman Campus

Huntington Library, 1st Floor

Michael J. Grant Campus

LRCG Building – Information Commons

Eastern Campus

Montaukett Learning Resource Center (MLRC), 1st Floor

Yes. If you are a student your passwords must be changed every 180 days. If you are faculty/staff you must be change your password every 90 days.

The password guidelines/rules can be found at the right side of screen at password creation screen in MySCCC portal.

  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters, but not more than 15 characters in length
  • Passwords must contain at least three of the four types of characters listed below:
    • Lower case letters (a, b, c)
    • Upper case letters (A, B, C)
    • Numbers (1, 2, 3)
    • Any of the following symbols (=,-,#,%,^,*). No other symbols are allowed.
  • Passwords cannot contain the individual’s full first or last name.
  • Previous passwords stored in the system cannot be reused. The College’s directory system will keep a history of 10 previous passwords.
  • Passwords should not be easily guessed.
  • Passwords should never be written down and stored where someone else might see them
  • College passwords should be unique and not used for other purposes or in other systems (e.g. your bank account, outside email systems or for shopping sites).

Student passwords must be changed every 180 days.

Employee passwords must be changed every 90 days.

Go to to begin the set up. For detailed instructions log in to MySCCC, go to the Email and Tech section, and download the Instructions document.

It is recommentded you set up at least two Authentication Factors in case you don't have access to your primary one. If so, you will still be able to access the Suffolk Login Portal using the a secondary factor. (See next FAQ)

For assistance setting up a secondary Authentication Factor contact the Help Desk (631-451-4357)

Yes. If you have a secondary MFA set up, go to enter your username, on the next screen enter your password, click Continue and click on the  "Change Authentication Factor" link at the bottom of the screen to select a different Authentication Factor.

If you have only set up one method contact the Help Desk (631-451-4357) for assistance.  

Yes. Once you have the Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) set up you may reset your password by going to clicking on the "Forgot Password" link and following the prompts.  

If the MFA has not been set up visit the Portal Login Support page and follow the instructions under "Forgot Your Password?".

Faculty that has not set up the MFA will need to contact the Help Desk (631-451-4357) or email from an alternate email account. Describe your issue and provide them with your school information (username, ID). 

Go to and reset your password clicking on the "Forgot Password" link and following the prompts.

If the MFA has not been set up, contact the Registrar Office. For more assistance contact the Academic Computing Help Desk (see contact information on the right).

Faculty that has not set up the MFA will need to contact the Help Desk calling 631-451-4357 or emailing from an alternate email account. Describe your issue and provide them with your school information (username, ID). 

If you have a password management system set up such as iCloud Keychain, check into it. Otherwise, log in with your saved password and change your password. Remember your new password and make sure it is being entered correctly. Pay special attention to capital letters or lower case letters (caps on/off or shift key pressed if needed), numbers (check number lock if you are using the number pad) and special characters (make sure you are pressing the shift key if needed). Your new password should be used to log in from all your devices and sites were the old one was previously stored. 

From the Suffolk Login Portal at, click on your name on the top right and select Profile. Go to Change Password on the left menu

This will be your new college password and will work to sign in to MySCCC,Brightspace, and other school related services.

Your MySCCC, Suffolk Login Portal and email/Office365 password are the same. If you are able access MySCCC but not email, try the following troubleshooting tips before requesting a password reset:

  • Allow 15 minutes for password changes to take effect.
  • Login to Office 365 from (using your full email address if required).
  • Use either Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • Close all browser windows before attempting to login.
  • If your password is saved on the device you are using, it may be an old password. Type your current password, do not use the saved one. 

Your student email address is:

Faculty/staff email address is:

For information on setting up your school email on your mobile devices visit the site you need from Microsoft Office Support:

You should be able to configure the email automatically.

  1. From Suffolks’s home page at go to Explore Academics
  2. Click on Faculty and Staff
  3. Click on the ‘Online Directory’ link located on the right side of the screen.
  4. Search for your professor/instructor.
  5. Click on the ‘email’ button and you will be able to send your professor and email from the online directory. 
Your Suffolk email is your official meas of communication at the college. It is advised to use your school email. All school related correspondence will be sent to your student account. Access your Suffolk Login Portal at to access your Email. Make sure your username, password and Multi Factor Authentication Methods (MFA) are set up.

Yes, but it is advised to use your school email for school related matters (this feature is not supported by the college as it relies on your other email account services).

To receive your school email to a different email account follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Suffolk County Community College email account at,
  2. Click on the Settings (gear) icon on the top right corner to the left of your name. 
  3. Click on View all Outlook Settings at the bottom of the right pane.
  4. Click on Forwarding, within the Mail settings.
  5. Check the box to enable forwarding and enter the email address where you want your school email to be sent.  
  6. To keep a copy of your messages in your school mail’s inbox check the box to do so.
  7. Click Save to keep your changes.

Yes. The maximum attachment size you can send through Outlook college email is 33 MB. If your file is bigger Outlook will prompt you to upload to OneDrive and share the link. Your file will be uploaded to the 'Attachment' folder in your OneDrive and recipients will be able to see the latest changes you have made and work together in real time. 

Once your file is 'attached' that way you can manage the recipients access (e.g. give them the ability to edit or view only) by clicking on the down arrow on your attachment before sending the email. 

Brightspace can be accessed in different ways:  

  1. Go to and click on the Brightspace tile
  2. Sign in to MySCCC, go to the Suffolk Online tab, Suffolk Online section and click on Login
  3. Go directly to select Suffolk from the list and log in using Suffolk credentials.
  4. Go to and click on Network Login and select Suffolk from the list and log in using Suffolk credentials.

For Brightspace support visit the SUNY Online Help Desk or call SUNY Online's Help Desk at 1-844-673-6786 (Toll-free within the US, press option 1 to reach the Help Desk) or direct 518-320-1300 (press option 1) during the SUNY Online Help Desk Hours (refer to the SUNY Online Help Desk site above for current hours of operation).

If SUNY Online Help Desk cannot resolve the issue, please contact the college’s Brightspace support at

Faculty can also direct questions regarding best practices to set up the Suffolk Courses in Brightspace to

Check the Brightspace resources available by signing in to MySCCC and going to the Suffolk Online section. 

For more Brightspace information please visit: 

Yes. It is available to all registered students and staff. To Install the Office 365 apps on your PC visit the Microsoft Office install support.

You have access to five (5) installations of Office 365 for your personal PCs, MACs and mobile devices.

From the links bellow visit the site you need from Microsoft Office Support for detailed instructions:

Yes. You can collaborate online in real time by creating your online documents using the Office 365 Apps (i.e. Work, Excel, Power Point) and sharing them with others:

Online Real Time Collaboration with Office 365

You can also watch the video on the Microsoft Office support site:

Share files and folders with Office 365

Check the Office Support site for detailed instructions on how to upload and share files to your OneDrive. Make sure to sign in with your full Suffolk email and password. 

Upload photos and files to OneDrive

Share OneDrive files and folders

Visit the Office 365 Training Center to learn more about Office 365 and its apps: Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and more. 

Log in to and select OneDrive. You may also  go to Office 365 and from the App Launcher on the top left waffle, click on OneDrive.

If you are asked for your email, enter your full Suffolk email address. 

There is an option to recover unsaved documents when you have used Word:

  1. Open Word
  2. Click File on the top bar menu
  3. Click Open on the left hand side
  4. Click on Recent Documents
  5. Scroll to the bottom and you will find a button with the option Recover Unsaved Documents, click on it
  6. Hopefully the document you are looking for is on the list. Select it and open it!
  1. Select the Insert tab
  2. Click on Video
  3. Choose the location of you video (For the online option you can either search for a key word on YouTube  or copy and paste the embedded code)

To add a video to your PowerPoint for Mac presentation check How to embed a video to PowerPoint from Youtube or other sites.

Students: As of Fall 2022, students are no longer given individual Adobe licenses. This software is available to students at our Academic Computing Centers at each campus on all the MAC stations. Students can also check with their instructor regarding other specific labs that have it on each campus. Follow these instructions to create an account from an open lab computer: Using Adobe

Students who want to purchase a license at a discounted rate may go to: 

Faculty: Go to Sign in and from the top menu go to the Knowledge Base. In the category Key IT Information During the Coronavirus, you will find two articles that outline things such as computer system requirements, how to download and install, etc.

You can also visit Adobe's website for instructions on How to download your Creative Cloud apps.

As of April, 2020 you can continue creating and learning with Adobe Creative Cloud after graduation. As soon-to-be-graduates, you can migrate your Creative Cloud assets from school-assigned accounts to a new Creative Cloud free membership account.

You will have ongoing access to your assets, including work such as Adobe Photoshop images and Illustrator graphics, Adobe Spark pages, Adobe Portfolio websites and your Behance profiles. By migrating* your assets, you’ll be able to showcase your work to future employers long after graduation. Take the steps outlined here so you can take your assets with you, To access a Creative Cloud offer visit 

*Please be advised that you will not be able to reverse this migration once it is initiated.

From a computer you can download the form, open it with Adobe Acrobat or the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader, and use the Fill & Sign tool. See Adobe's Support document on How to fill out your PDF form

From a mobile device you can download the Adobe Fill & Sign App. 


Students and educators may download a free copy of AutoCAD software.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Faculty: Those that use Adobe software to teach, and whose students need to use Adobe software to complete their coursework, are given Adobe Creative Cloud Named User Licenses. Need is defined by Academic Affairs leadership in consultation with Department Chairs and Faculty.  For example: Digital Photography teaches photo editing using Photoshop.

Students:  As of Fall 2022, students are no longer given individual Adobe licenses. This software is available to students at our Academic Computing Centers at each campus on all the MAC stations. Students can also check with their instructor regarding other specific labs that have it on each campus. Follow these instructions to create an account from an open lab computer: Using Adobe

Students who want to buy Adobe, can purchase a license at a 60% discount at


Faculty members have the opportunity to utilize not only MS TEAMS for student interaction in REAL TIME ONLINE and COMBINED ONLINE classes and in counseling sessions, but also Zoom. 

If interested in obtaining a Zoom license, please sign in to, go to the Accounts and Access Service and click on the Zoom Account Request link.  

If you need Zoom Support please visit:

Foxit PhantomPDF

If you are a faculty member and need to do editing of PDFs or to create fillable PDFs you may request Phantom PDF via the Suffolk Help Service Catalog at > Accounts & Access

For more information please refer to this Phantom PDF article in Suffolk Help's Knowledge Base in the Key IT Information During the Coronavirus category. 


This is an online testing application. Proctorio tech support and knowledge base can be found at:

For more information visit the college site Proctorio Information for Students 

Yes. You may go to the campus of your choice to take a Proctorio test see the information in the college site Proctorio Information for Students

Contact your instructor for information regarding access to the online material. If you need additional assistance, go to Cengage Support or call their Customer Service at (800) 354-9706. You can also email or call the appropriate Cengage Representative. Search for the appropriate contact information selecting Suffolk County CC as the school

No. Your work will not be stored in the school computers. Save your work to your own storage (e.g. OneDrive cloud storage, flash drive). You can also email it to yourself.

It is always a good idea also to make a backup of all your work.

Fax services are available to students for academic purposes through Students Services in the Grant Welcome Center (Caumsett Hall room 111 ext.6239).

There are also scanning machines available in the libraries so you can scan and email your documents.

No. You can only print from one of the school’s desktop computers in a computer area.

Please note we can only provide academic technical support to the college community and will not be able to help you troubleshoot your personal devices. Please check your computer settings and/or reach out to the tech support at the company where you purchased your hardware or software (i.e. Best Buy, Apple, etc.).

  1. Go to
  2. Under Support go to Services and sign in
  3. From the Service Catalog click on the link to the appropriate category
  4. Select the service you need 
  5. Click on the request for service button on the right
  6. Fill out the form and click on the Request button at the end to submit

Faculty and Staff are asked to submit tickets for help instead of calling and before emailing

Direct link to Suffolk Help Technical Services

Visit the website at

  1. Go to Explore Academics on the top Menu
  2. Click on Library

The following is the direct link to the Library’s website: Suffolk County Community College Library

For access to Articles and Databases click on the Articles & Databases found on the right side menu. Explore the other Research links from that menu for more resources!

  1. From the homepage of the college click on Library
  2. Click Articles & Databases from the right-hand menu
  3. Click on Database List Tab
  4. Find STAT!Ref Online link from the list
  5. Accept STAT!Ref and TDS Health terms and conditions.
  6. Register or Log in to your TDS Health account by clicking the Profile link above the search bar. 

You can also set-up the mobile app in your device by downloading the STAT!Ref App to your mobile device and logging in with your Suffolk County Community College email and STAT!Ref password.

Yes. Your STAT!Ref account expires every 4 months. To reactivate it, log in and click on the Temporary Login Account tab and click on Activate/Renew.
Copy and paste the link provided to you by your professor (usually posted in Brightspace) into a web browser. Follow the instructions to download the software and make sure you go to your programs and open the installed program in your computer.

Yes. Go to FAQs: Academic Computing Center from this site you can search questions and answers by Topics and Key Words.   

Yes. Most of the technology you need at Suffolk can be accessed by logging in to However, if needed, the following list of direct links can help you to get your technology going at Suffolk:

Academic Computing Centers Homepage:


Office 365:

Information Technology Services (Services & Knowledge Base for faculty and staff): or

Portal Login Support:

Security Questions Form:

Password Reset Request Form:

SUNY Online Help Desk at

Install Office 365:

For Academic Tutoring, the Tutoring and Writing Studio are available within the Academic Tutoring Center (former skills center) in the LRCG building (LRCG 149). For more information on free tutoring services visit the Academic Tutoring Centers' site. 

You can also log in to MySCCC and go to the Virtual Learning Commons tab for tutorials, videos, and other resources that may help you in your classes.

For CLEP Services use the following contact information:

Suffolk County Community College Grant Campus:, 631-851-6765 (leave a message).  

Ammerman Campus email:

Emails and voicemails are checked daily.

Items found in the computer area are sent to Public Safety. Security and Lost and Found services are maintained in the Public Safety Office (North Cottage).

I am sick or injured: Health Services Captree Commons 105. Phone: (631) 851-6709

I lost something: Public Safety – North Cottage. Phone: (631) 851-6709


Contact Us

Academic Computing Center (ACC) and Help Desks

Ammerman Campus

Huntington Library, 1st Floor
Phone: (631) 451-4211

Eastern Campus

Montaukett Learning Resource Center (MLRC), 1st Floor
Phone: (631) 548-2612

Michael J. Grant Campus

LRCG Building – Information Commons
Phone: (631) 851-6556

Brightspace Support

Contact the SUNY Online Help Desk.

Employee IT-Help contact