Ammerman Mathematics Learning Center Procedures for Students:

  1. The Math Learning Center will be open for video conference tutoring during the usual hours of operation. Monday-Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-2, and Saturday 9-1.
  2. Students will need to self-enroll in the Blackboard Community “SCCC Math Tutoring Resources” and follow the link for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Below is a link to a video tutorial telling students how to enroll in the community and enter Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:
  3. Students will enter the main room on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and inform the “scheduler” of the course and topic they need help with. The scheduler will then add them to a queue, and when a tutor is free the scheduler will move the student into the tutor’s virtual room. If more than one student would like to work together, they can inform the scheduler and the tutor will help them simultaneously.
  4. Tutoring sessions will be long enough to answer a few questions, but if there are other students waiting they will be relatively short. After the session is over, the tutor will move the student back into the main room. Following this, the student can either be re-queued if they still require more help, or can sign out.
  5. Students should only be signed into Blackboard Collaborate Ultra when they need assistance and they should be signed out when they don’t. That way, the scheduler and the tutors have a clear idea of the number of students waiting.

For any questions regarding the Mathematics Learning Center, please contact:
        Jason Englert
        Mathematics Learning Center Coordinator


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