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Online and In-Person Tutoring at the Ammerman Rose Tehan Memorial Writing Center


The Writing Center supports all student writers, every type of writing, and at any stage in the writing process.

In-person and online tutoring sessions are available. In-person sessions will take place in Library 111 (check times below). Consider bringing a printed copy of your work to date (even if you are at a very early stage). There are printers conveniently located in the same area of the library.

Online scheduling, document sharing, and video tutoring are also available for SUNY Suffolk students through  the web portal.

To schedule in either modality, please go to You will need an account.

Your SCCC sign on credentials will not automatically work. 


  1. The system is not linked to your SCCC account, so you need a separate WCOnline account. Register for an account using your SUNY Suffolk email address as your username. However, we ask you to choose a password OTHER than the one you use at SUNY Suffolk. You’ll be asked to answer a few very simple questions, like your SUNY Suffolk ID number, phone number, and SUNY Suffolk email address. Faculty do not need to give ID. 
  2. Go to the schedule. Click on a white square that corresponds with the date/time and tutor you’d like. Each white square is an available 1-hour appointment. Bios can be found for each tutor when you begin making the appointment. Be sure to select modality.
  3. Complete all questions. For online, be sure to upload any drafts or supporting documents that you have such as:
    • Your up-to-date draft of the assignment;
    • Any assignment directions or grading rubric from your professor; and/or
    • Short article or passages you’d like to use in your writing.
  4. If you are in-person: that's all.  We'll see you soon.
  5. If online: When it's time for your online appointment, log back in and open the online tutoring screen. Here, you'll have the option to share your video and audio. 
    • Keep your phone nearby.  If you can't log in, a tutor will call you.

Each student is allowed a single appointment per day, so sign up often! 

Share your email confirmations and follow-ups with your professor if you'd like them to know you are taking a positive step by using the Writing Center.

Let us play a part in your continued success. We look forward to helping you!

In-Person and Online Sessions in Library 111 

Summer One

  • Tuesdays 11 A.M. - 3 P.M.
  • Wedensdays 2 P.M. - 6 P.M.
  • Thursdays 11 A.M. - 3 P.M.

Summer Two

  • Tuesdays Noon - 3 P.M.
  • Wedensdays 2 P.M. - 6 P.M.
  • Thursdays Noon - 3 P.M.

Problems Scheduling or Accessing your session?: Call 631-451-4150 during operating hours.  The English Department is at 451-4749.

Faculty Questions: During the semester, email Dr. McCormick at You will receive faster service through the WC phone number.