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Students with a current class schedule are not charged a late fee to modify their existing schedules during the add/drop period. Some course offerings will not permit enrollment after the first class meeting. The College chief academic officer or designee will determine on a college-wide basis which courses will not admit students after the first class meeting based upon recommendations made by the campus executive deans. Otherwise, students are permitted to add a class up until the start of a class’s second week (e.g., prior to the third session of a class that meets twice a week or the second session of a class that meets once a week). Exceptions to this policy may only be approved by the College chief academic officer or designee.

Any student who enters a class after the first meeting, regardless of reason, is accountable for all course requirements including assignments and attendance.

A student may drop a course during the first three weeks of the semester during the official refund period. These courses will not appear on a student’s official transcript.

You may use the Add or Drop Form to make a change in your schedule during the designated drop/add period. Simply print the form, enter the course information in the spaces provided and bring to your campus Registrar Office in person. You must present your Suffolk ID card in order for your request to be processed. Unless you are required to have an advisor's signature, you may access online by selecting MySCCC to accomplish this transaction.

Download Add or Drop Form