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Who can certify that I am a student?

Your home campus Registrar Office.

How can I make corrections to my student record?

To change your name, address, telephone number, curriculum or Social Security Number, complete the Records Change Form and bring to your campus Registrar Office.

Where are course descriptions?

Course descriptions are available in the College Catalog or Catalog Supplement, or can be found through Programs of Study.
Course Search

Who answers questions about graduation?

You are encouraged to discuss your degree requirements with your academic advisor or counselor. After you file the application for graduation, the Central Records Office will conduct a final evaluation of your transcript.

Where can I obtain forms?

Enrollment-related forms are available on the Registrar home page or in the campus Registrar Office.

How can I transfer credits to Suffolk County Community College?

You should arrange to have official transcripts from prior institutions forwarded to the Central Admissions Office. For an unofficial determination of how your credit might transfer to Suffolk County Community College, see the Transfer Evaluations Tables.
Transfer Evaluations Tables

Can I attend classes on more than one campus?

Yes. Although you must designate one campus as your home campus, you are free to register and attend classes at any of our three campuses. Credits accumulated at any of our campuses will be reflected on your Suffolk County Community College transcript.

Sufficient time for travel must be considered when registering for classes on multiple campuses. For example, 40 minutes from Grant and Ammerman or East and Ammerman, and one hour between Grant and East.

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal mandate that insures the privacy of, and your right to inspect, your student records. Additional information is available through the Notice of Student Privacy Rights.

How do I withdraw from courses?

To officially withdraw from courses, fill out the course withdrawal form available on the Registrar menu and return it to any campus Registrar Office.

Note: Failure to attend classes or informing the instructor of withdrawal is not an official withdrawal. If withdrawing from all courses and receiving financial aid, you must see a Financial Aid counselor.

How do I clear a hold on my records?

The college will place a hold on your records and/or registration because of money owed, incomplete immunization records, academic standing or public safety violations. Access View Holds in MySCCC to see your holds and the appropriate offices to contact.