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Two public safety officers standing in front of a public safety vehicle

Sexual Assault


Sexual assault, of any kind, is a crime.


All Campuses
and Centers

(631) 451-4242

  • The victim of a rape or sexual assault must seek medical attention immediately.
  • Call (631) 451-4242 or Public Safety.
  • Keep the individual in a quiet place until help arrives.
  • Encourage the victim to do the following:
  1. They should Inform the doctor or hospital immediately that he or she is a victim of a sexual assault.
  2. They should NOT bathe or douche.
  3. Appearance
  4. They should NOT change clothing, comb their hair or brush their teeth.
  5. They should NOT disturb the area in which the crime occurred.
  6. If the individual believes he or she has been assaulted while under the influence of Rohypnol or GHB (Date Rape Drugs), it is also suggested that the individual should not urinate before providing urine samples. If possible, collect any glasses the individual used to drink.

Actions #2-5 above destroy physical evidence that may be necessary to convict the attacker.