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Message from the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dear student,

Welcome to the Office of Academic Affairs at Suffolk County Community College! 

I trust that you have found your way to this page because you have chosen to attend Suffolk or you are about to make a choice regarding your collegiate education.  Regardless, congratulations on getting to this critical point in your life.

Choosing Suffolk is a choice made by thousands of students every year. It is a wise choice to make because, once made, a myriad of win-win opportunities present themselves.

Choosing Suffolk does not close the door on attending amazing baccalaureate institutions. Suffolk prepares thousands of students each year for transfer admission to Stony Brook University, SUNY Farmingdale, Cornell, UNC Chapel Hill, St. Joseph’s College, Long Island University, and the best colleges and universities in New York State and beyond.

Choosing Suffolk does not mean that you have chosen to be simply “a number” at a large institution. Your average class size will not be any larger than 25 or 30 students.

Choosing Suffolk does not mean that your academic options will be limited. With over 75 programs, concentrations, and certificates for both transfer and workforce, a robust Honors Program, and a variety of academic supports, Suffolk ensures nearly limitless opportunities. Our programs include: Paralegal, Cybersecurity, Automotive Technology, Graphic Design, Music, Nursing and 70 other areas preparing students for transfer or living wage employment.

Choosing Suffolk does not mean that you miss a complete college experience. Suffolk provides opportunities for participation in a multitude of athletic, musical, theatrical, social, leadership, study abroad, and service activities. 

Choosing a community college such as Suffolk does not mean that you have opted for a less valuable educational experience. On the contrary, attending Suffolk, meeting our dedicated professors, participating in our activities, and flourishing in a supportive environment will convince you that what is valuable is not always expensive. 

Choosing Suffolk does not mean that you will have to work a little bit to be successful. Attending Suffolk will convince you that you will need to work hard to be successful, but our faculty and counselors will be working hard with you to ensure your success. What we value most in life always entails hard work.

So, in the end, choosing Suffolk is not really about choosing one thing over another, it is about choosing a vast array of possibilities.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or the members of the Office of Academic Affairs staff on the choice you have recently made or the one before you.


Paul Beaudin's Signature

Paul M. Beaudin, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Suffolk County Community College