HEGIS Code - 5610, CIP Code - 50.0501

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: THTT-AS

     This program provides rigorous theatre training as a powerful form of experiential learning that prompts students to grow as individuals, critical thinkers, and artists. Through classroom and practical training in acting, general and technical theatre sequences, the Theatre Department produces works of theatre art, offering direct participation in creative endeavors where process, performance, and understanding are stressed equally. The production program stages several shows each year which are directed and designed by faculty, guest artists and students. These productions span all genres of theatre, from Shakespeare to Shepard, from mystery plays to musical theatre. Students must meet Theatre Arts "General Good Standing Criterion" as listed in Theatre Handbook.

     The Theatre Arts A.S. Degree provides the foundation for transfer into B.A. or B.F.A. programs and, in some instances, employment in the field. Students MUST consult with a faculty advisor in the Theatre Department before entering this program and scheduling classes.

     Auditions are required for admittance into the Acting Option. Contact the Theatre Department at 631-451-4164 for details.

FIRST SEMESTER: 15 credits Credits
  COM101: Introduction to Human Communication
or COM105: Public Speaking
or COM111: Voice and Diction
or COM121: Oral Interpretation
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
THR100: College Seminar for Theatre 1
THR105: Acting I 3
THR115: Basic Theatre Practice: Stagecraft 3
THR152: Production Laboratory I 2

SECOND SEMESTER: 18 credits Credits
  ENG102: Introduction to Literature
or ENG142: Introduction to Dramatic Literature
or ENG220: Shakespeare
  History Elective 3
  Humanities Elective (THR151 Recommended) 3
THR116: Basic Theatre Practice: Lighting Crafts 3
THR118: Basic Theatre Practice: Drafting for the Stage 3
THR153 Production Laboratory II 2
  Physical Education 1

THIRD SEMESTER: 15.5-16.5 credits Credits
  Mathematics Elective 3-4
  Social Sciences Elective 3
THR117: Basic Theater Practice: Costume Crafts 3
THR154: Production Laboratory III 2
THR214: Script Analysis 3
THR244: Theatre Portfolio Preparation 1.5

FOURTH SEMESTER: 15 credits Credits
  Social Sciences Elective 3
  Laboratory Science Elective 4
THR119: Basic Theatre Practice: Sound 3
THR155: Production Laboratory IV 2
THR211: Classical Theatre 3
* Theatre Portfolio Review 0


* A successful portfolio review is required to graduate. At the end of the fourth semester, students must submit a final portfolio to the review committee for the granting of the A.S. degree.
These courses constitute the major courses for this curriculum.
  NOTES: 1) Students planning to transfer to a SUNY four-year institution should check the SUNY General Education Requirements for selecting courses.
2) See Transfer Agreements for articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities.