In order to support students with certain academic needs related to college readiness, SCCC provides developmental courses in reading, mathematics, English or English as a Second Language (ESL). These courses are designed to help students refine scholastic skills, and, thereby, effect a smooth transition to college-level courses. While developmental courses do not carry credit toward a degree or certificate, successful completion of these courses is required and may serve as a prerequisite to enrollment in college-level programs at Suffolk. Developmental courses may lengthen the time needed to complete a degree program. However, faculty at SCCC continue to develop multiple approaches to enable students to begin college-level course work in a timely manner.

Course Placement

Newly admitted full- and part-time matriculated students are enrolled in college-level or developmental-level courses based on scores earned on the required Computerized Placement Test (CPT), certain high school Regents exams, and other available test scores and measures. Students entering Suffolk who have completed appropriate college-level courses may be waived from part or all of the CPT requirement.

Enrollment Requirements

Students required to take developmental courses in two or more subject areas or one developmental course at the lower-level English, reading, or ESL (ENG009/ESL017 or RDG098/RDG096/ESL011) may enroll in up to 14.5 credit hours per semester which would include the required developmental courses and courses from the student’s chosen curriculum. Courses are arranged by the counseling staff in consultation with the student. Students enrolled in developmental courses may drop or add courses only after written approval by a faculty advisor, counselor, Academic Chair, or Associate Academic Dean.

Full-time students placed into developmental reading, English, or mathematics courses must register for them during the first semester. If two levels of a developmental course are required, students successful at the lower-level must continue to the higher-level during the subsequent semester. Students earning a U, R, or W must repeat the lower-level course before moving on to the higher-level.

Part-time students placed into two or more developmental courses may take them in conjunction with certain approved courses. Students placed only in developmental mathematics are required to take it during the student’s first semesters.

New students who are applying for financial aid with state aid eligibility must earn at least 3 college-level credits toward their current degree. In the subsequent semester the student must earn at least 6 college-level credits toward their current degree.

Any grade issued for a developmental course is binding. A test and retest score on the CPT cannot be used to substitute for or replace an earned grade.