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Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Test Schedule

ATI will be proctoring the ATI TEAS exam remotely thru Proctorio, a remote proctoring company working with ATI, allowing students to take the TEAS exam from home. Exam dates are posted on, go to the Online store, select TEAS at ATI.
or you can choose an option to take the exam at an institution that is offering it in person if available choosing TEAS in Person at Institution.

Students will register for the TEAS exam thru Using the Ammerman Campus as their institution on the Profile to register regardless of the campus they will be attending.

Students requiring accommodations are required to contact ATI. The information for requesting an accommodation is under the Learn More tab next to exam test date..

Upon completion of the exam, scores will be sent to Suffolk County Community College by ATI.

Any student that is unable to take the exam remotely, may take the exam at a testing center holding exams in person. Scores from any TEAS testing location will be accepted. The TEAS exam may be taken at any institution that offers it except BOCES.  Request a transcript from ATI's Online store to be sent to Suffolk.

You are not able to register on this Suffolk County Community College website. All TEAS registrations are on ATI.

Please go to using Firefox or Google Chrome to register for current testing dates.