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Accreditation Information

Academic Year

# Students Entering into Program

# Students Graduated

% Graduated/Retention Rate for Each Graduation Class

2020 (Class of 2022)


(2022) 30*  

2019 (Class of 2021)


(2021) 44*  
2018 (Class of 2020) 34 (2020) 29 85%
2017 (Class of 2019) 32 (2019) 30 93%

2016 (Class of 2018) 

27 (2018) 26 96%


Yes. After graduation from the Suffolk OTA Program, all students must pass a national certification exam from NBCOT in order to practice as a Certified Occupational Therapist, which is recognized in all states. Students must then apply for a New York State License to practice and work in New York. 
For students already in college, ONLY the grades from pre-requisite courses (BIO130, ENG101, and PSY101) are considered for admissions purposes, NOT overall GPA. Please note, all students applying to be considered for acceptance to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program are required to provide documentation of completing a minimum of 25 volunteer hours in a clinical environment where licensed occupational therapy services are rendered (by the January 15 annual due date) to be eligible for admissions consideration. 
No, all pre-requisite courses and observation hours must be completed and reported to the Admissions Office by the annual January 15th due date. 
Please see the tab on this page, or visit the Admissions Office at any one of the three Suffolk Campuses. The Verification Form of Clinical Observation to include with your application can be acquired through the Admissions Offices or on our tab for “Apply”. 
No, the OTA Program places students in available fieldwork assignments. As per the OTA Student Handbook, “Assignments are guaranteed; location is not.”
Yes. Graduates from the OTA program usually find employment within the first 6 months of graduation, or make plans to attend an OTR program at a four-year institution. 
Students are required to take MAT103 (Statistics) to graduate from the OTA Program. Some students who feel they need more support in math find it helpful to take MAT009 as the second required math course before they take MAT103.