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Faculty members who are interested in using the college's online Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn, can look through these pages to:

Teaching Modalities

At the college, there are four different modalities that you can teach your courses in. Traditional, web enabled, blended and online. The modalities are defined as:

Online Courses: These are courses that are fully online with no face-to-face class meetings.  All course content is placed within the College’s LMS.   Testing is done online. Find out about getting certified to teach online at our FACULTY ACADEMY.

Blended/Hybrid Courses: These are courses that have both face-to-face and online instruction.  Some content is placed within the College’s LMS and content can also be provided during face-to-face instruction.  Testing can be online and/or face-to-face. Find out about getting certified to teach a blended course at our FACULTY ACADEMY

Web Enabled:  Traditional based lecture courses that use the LMS as supplemental only.  The amount of content placed in the LMS varies based upon the instructor.  Testing does not occur online. Visit our Blackboard tutorial page to learn more about how you can use Blackboard with your classes!

Computer Instruction on Campus – These are traditional, on campus courses with computer lab-enhanced instruction.  Along with the computerized instruction, the instructor may elect to provide additional study materials for their students online in the Blackboard Learn system.  The entire course or a section of the course may be taught through a computer program with an instructor guiding the students. These courses meet in one of the computer lab classrooms and the program is accessed via Blackboard Learn.

Traditional: These are the traditional lecture based courses that meet on campus and have no online portion.

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