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Tuition Smarter.

Payments that fit your life.

Suffolk is pleased to partner with Nelnet, a company specializing in structuring simple and convenient tuition payment plans for college students.

Make College Easier to Pay for with a Tuition Payment Plan.

Make college more affordable by paying for tuition and fees over time. Tuition payment plans break down your tuition balance into affordable monthly payments. There's no interest, payment options are flexible, setup fees are affordable, and it's easy to enroll!

Payment Plan Benefits

Easy online enrollment

Flexible payments

No interest

Payment Plan Information


  • Minimum tuition balance of $500 required
  • Prior term balances must be paid in full

Payment Methods

  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
    • No fees assessed
  • Credit or debit card
    • (an additional fee of 2.75% will be assessed)

Cost to Participate

  • $50 nonrefundable enrollment fee per semester
  • $30 nonrefundable returned payment fee if a payment is returned

How to Enroll (Students)

  • Log in to MySCCC
  • Select "Pay My Bill or Confirm My Attendance" from the home tab
  • Select “Visit NelNet to Pay My Bill”
  • In NelNet, select "Set Up a Payment Plan"
  • As a courtesy, you can watch a video tutorial on how to set up your payment plan
  • Note: If someone is paying on your behalf, you MUST first set them up as an Authorized Payer.

How to Enroll (Authorized Payers)

Students: if someone is paying on your behalf, you MUST first set them up as an Authorized Payer.

Authorized Payers:

  • If you are paying on behalf of the student, the student must set up their account first and then add you as an Authorized Payer.
  • You will receive an email with further directions on how to log in, create your account, make a payment or set up a tuition payment plan.
  • Authorized payers can manage their account at AFTER being added by the student.

Target Dates for Payment Plan Enrollment - Spring 2022

Payment Plans available beginning November 2021.

Required down payments are due at the time of enrollment.

Installment payments are automatically processed on the 25th of each month.

Final payment for Spring 2022 is due March 25.

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Payment Plan
Required Down
Number of
Months of
Nov 8 - Nov 25 20% 4 Dec - March
Nov 26 - Dec 25 25% 3 Jan - March
Dec 26 - Jan 25 33% 2 Feb - March
Jan 26 - Feb 28 50% 1 March only

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Payment Plan Availability

Availability of the payment plan is determined by SUNY Suffolk. Please be aware the College may elect not to have the payment plan available during specific time and dates of registration.

State University of New York Uniform Tuition Refund Policy

State University of New York Uniform Tuition Refund Policy (8NYCRR 602.11) Failure to withdraw will result in full tuition and fee liability to the student. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal. Please review the link below for important information about the refund policy.

Haven’t Applied for Financial Aid?

Apply for Financial Aid at

Need Help Setting Up Your Plan?

[Insert turorial video]

Simply watch this short how-to video to help get you started.


If you have any questions, please contact SUNY Suffolk’s Cashier’s Office:

Telephone: 631-851-6600

Ammerman Campus:
Michael J. Grant Campus:
Eastern Campus: