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What's Available at the College?

The college has a wide variety of adaptive equipment available in classrooms, campus libraries, computer labs, and the learning and academic skills centers. Contact the disability services office on your home campus for specific locations.

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 was designed as a learning aid for people who have difficulty reading. It can help users read faster and understand more. By speaking and highlighting or enlarging text, it provides both auditory and visual input to the reader. The program reads text scanned from a book or document or it can open and read a word processing file. The original page layout, including pictures and charts, etc., are maintained and displayed on the screen. Changing the reading speed and voice is simple and words can be spelled, broken into syllables and defined with the click of a button.

JAWS for Windows

JAWS (Job Access With Speech) for Windows is a screen reading software package that enables the computer to read the screen out loud using an integrated voice synthesizer. With JAWS for Windows, blind and visually impaired users can browse the Web, read or write email messages, or access database information. The pitch, speed and gender of the voice can be easily altered to match the user's comfort range.


ZoomText is a program for low-vision users that combines magnification and screen reading. It allows the user to enlarge, up to 16x, the entire screen or only a small section of the screen. Screen colors can also be changed to meet individual preferences. ZoomText works with most Windows-based software, making it useful with spreadsheets, databases, tutorials and the Internet, as well as word processors. It can read the Windows toolbars, dialog boxes and pull-down menus. Target areas on the screen can be defined to provide instant access to frequently referenced locations.

Adjustable Tables

These tables adjust easily to accommodate different height requirements. Individuals in wheelchairs often need to adjust their workstation to accommodate their wheelchair. Please contact Disability Services to request these tables in the classroom, if needed.


Smart View and Optelec Clear View magnifiers provide magnification of printed material onto a TV monitor. The reading material is placed on the viewing table and projected onto a screen magnified to the size needed by the individual.