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Vehicle Registration / Parking Permit System


 All parking permits must be placed on the lower right-hand side of the windshield in a location that is clearly visible from the outside.

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To register your vehicle, see the Vehicle Registration link in your MySCCC portal.

General Information:

New students taking credit courses who have paid their registration fee can register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit through their MySCCC Portal.

Current and returning students who have paid their registration fee can renew their parking permit through their MySCCC Portal.

Faculty, Staff and Administrators can register and obtain parking permits through their MySCCC Portal Account . For

  • Students Taking Credit Classes: The vehicle registration application link appears in the MySCCC Quick Links Channel on the My Home Tab tab in the portal.

    Vehical Registration Link

    Or in the Vehicle Registration channel on your My Account tab tab

    Vehicle Registration Link

    If you have paid the semester vehice registration fee with your semester bill, you will be able to renew your previous permit or register your vehicle. First, confirm your home address. Then, click on the "Renew Permit" button or enter your vehicle information and hit "Submit". Your vehicle's permit will be renewed for the current year. Note - You will NOT be issued a new permit after renewal, continue to use your current permit. 

    Non-Credit ESL and GED Students: For Students taking non-credit ESL or GED classes, parking permits must be obtained on campus. Information will be provided by your program coordinator.
  • Faculty, Staff and Administration: The vehicle registration application link appears in the "vehicle Registration Channel under the Human Resources Tab tab in the MySCCC portal.

Vehicle Registration Link

Successful Permit Registration - Display:

Upon successful completion of the registration process you should see a screen similar to the one below. If you were not able to complete the process successfully, see the section on Error Messages for a instructions on how to proceed.

Successful Permit Registration


Error Messages:

The parking permit system is a vendor hosted application. Below is an explanation of error messages returned from the system and information on how to proceed should you experience any of these:

  • "Vehicle Registration is not available!" (Students Only) - The message, "Vehicle Registration is not available!", will display if you have not paid the annual registration fee. This fee normally appears as part of your semester bill.

    Vehicle Registration is not available

    Should the link not appear after paying your semester bill, check to see that you were charged the vehicle registration fee. If you were not charged the fee and you need a parking permit, you must go to your campus Cashier's Office to have the charge reinstated.


  • "System Temporarily Unavailable" - This is the normal message that indicates that the registration system is off-line. Normally, the vehicle registration system is available whenever MySCCC is open. However, the system is a vendor hosted application and may be down periodically for maintenance or connection issues. Should you see this message. Try again your request at another time.
  • "License Plate XXXXXXX is registered to another person. Please make sure the plate number is correct or contact the Public Safety Office for assistance." - This error message indicates that the plate number you have entered is already registered in Suffolk County Community College's parking permit system. Please confirm you have entered the correct vehicle information. If you need further assistance contact your campus Office of Public Safety.

System Temporarily Unavailable error message 

  • "Error 500" Or "An Error has Occurred Please Retry this Transaction" - This normally indicates that the transaction submitted to the server has failed. If you continue to receive this message, it indicates that the update application is out of service and you should try your request at another time. A system outage message will often be posted informing the community of this condition and providing information when services have been restored.
  • "ID not found" Or "No Addressed Registered" (listed under the "Name and Address" column - This is an indication that a problem occurred during the address confirmation phase of the registration process. Click on the "Register Address" button and then proceed to "Add Vehicle" followed by "Register Permit."

No Addressed Registered

  • "No Permit Issued" - Parking Permit information is listed in the center of the Vehicle Registration page. For normal transactions, this will identify the type of permit issued and the permit ID. See Successful Permit Registration - Display at the bottom of this page. If the statement, "No Permit Issued", appears there, an error occurred during the permit registration process. After you have registered all your vehicles, click on the "Register Permit" button.

No Permit Issued

  • No "Confirm Address" Button Or "State Code Not Recognized" Error Message The first phase of the vehicle registration process is to confirm your home address. This is necessary as your parking permit will be sent home. If you do not see a "Confirm Address" button or receive a message that your "State Code is not Recognized", there is probably an error in the home address listed in your student or HR record. For example, the state code may be listed as N.Y. as opposed to NY. Contact your campus Register's Office or Human Resources to have your address corrected. Once your addresses is updated, you can proceed to complete the registration process.
  • License Plate is invalid! Please enter only the letters and numbers in the License Plate number - As indicated in the error message, the system does not take spaces or a "-" in the license plate field. Plate information must be entered using the plate's letters and numbers.

Permit System Contact:

If you are having an issue not identified above or have other questions about the system, please contact:


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