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Speed Limit and Pedestrians

The speed limit is 15 miles per hour while on any College campus. Pedestrians have the right of way in all marked and striped pedestrian roadway crossings. Please be courteous and yield to pedestrians and oncoming vehicles.

Parking Lot Designations

WHITE: parking stalls are for students and visitors

RED: parking stalls are for faculty, staff and administrators

BLUE: parking stalls are for handicapped vehicles displaying the appropriate permit

Motor vehicles must be parked between the lines. Parking along any roadway or in restricted areas is not permitted. The College, having marked approved spaces, is under no obligation to mark all areas where parking is prohibited. Parking is permitted in designated spaces only. These spaces are marked by parallel lines.

Designated Restricted Areas:

Fire Zones (yellow): Areas within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or fire standpipe are fire zones. Each loading zone is also a fire zone. No parking is allowed in fire zones at any time.

Fire Lanes (yellow): Fire lanes in parking fields and elsewhere are identified by yellow striping. No parking or “standing” is permitted in these lanes at any time.

Parking for Physically Disabled (blue): Only those having a town or state permit may park in these areas.

Sidewalk and Grassland Areas: Motor vehicles may not be parked on any sidewalk. Parking on the grass is prohibited unless permitted by Public Safety personnel.

Disabled Vehicles

If your vehicle becomes disabled, notify Public Safety immediately. A disabled vehicle must be removed from the campus within 24 hours or it will be considered abandoned. If a vehicle is abandoned, it will be removed at the expense of the owner.