The Office of Public Safety at Suffolk County Community College is pleased to announce we are offering R.A.D. Self-Defense courses for our students, alumni, and staff on each of our 3 campuses. The R.A.D., Rape Aggression Defense program was developed in 1989 and is designed to teach women basic self-defense techniques to increase their chances of escaping and surviving an assault. It is offered in police departments, Public Safety offices, and schools throughout the country. 

The classes are delivered by certified R.A.D. instructors in a relaxed, “go at your own pace” format.  The course philosophy emphasizes that Risk Awareness, Risk Reduction, Risk Recognition, and Risk Avoidance is 90% of Self Defense Education. Classes are comprised of instructional and physical components, including warm up exercises and techniques such as punches, kicks, and other defensive maneuvers. Students participate in approximately 9 course hours where they will learn through practice and repetition the various skills to escape and survive.

Most importantly the course is designed to instill in participants a mindset to take responsibility for their own personal safety.