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The mission of the Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing at SUNY Suffolk is to prepare students to become caring nurses committed to utilizing evidenced-based practice in the delivery of patient-centered nursing care. Program graduates will be prepared for immediate and competitive employment opportunities in Suffolk County and beyond.

The Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing is dedicated to meeting the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse learning needs. Through the creation of an inclusive learning community, faculty empower students to address the evolving healthcare needs of the community. 

The Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing is committed to the development of nurse leaders by focusing on students’ preparation for educational advancement and fostering a dedication to achieve lifelong learning.


The Faculty of the Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing at SUNY Suffolk is committed to excellence in education, scholarship, research, and advanced practice. Faculty are dedicated and continually engage in critical inquiry and lifelong learning.

It is our belief the science of nursing is a holistic discipline whose members exhibit integrity and embrace the practice of interprofessional collaboration. An essential goal of nursing is to provide patient and family-centered care that demonstrates respect for dignity and is sensitive to the preferences, values, and cultural needs of individuals, families, and the community. Nurses have a moral responsibility for the provision of high quality, evidenced based health care that is equitable and reduces health care disparities.;

We believe our purpose at the college is to develop nurse leaders by focusing on students’ development and acculturation into the profession of nursing. We affirm it is the responsibility of the faculty to add value to the students’ educational journey as they begin their career as novice nurses. Through creation of an intellectual environment, we foster engagement of reflection and scientific inquiry, so that program graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to facilitate progression into becoming nursing experts. SUNY Suffolk nursing alumni will practice in their community within the full scope of their education, standards of practice, and licensure with a commitment to the values of the Jane F. Shearer School of Nursing and the profession.