Sibiu, Romania

"Performing Across Borders," SCCC and Lucian Blaga Universoty program in Sibiu, Romania

“Performing Across Borders” program is a collaborative initiative between SUNY-Suffolk and Lucian Blaga University (Sibiu, Romania) Theatre Arts programs, implemented within the framework of Sibiu International Theatre Festival (

In 2017 students from both educational institutions prepared performance pieces based on the strengths of their programs, and merged them together in Sibiu into a joint performance presented at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The two groups utilized the principles of Collaborative International Online Learning (COIL) to implement the project during Spring 2017 semester.

During Summer 2018 Theatre Arts students from Suffolk participated in an applied learning/internship program designed in collaboration with the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Students were able to hone their skills in the areas of their interests (light design, sound design, stage management, audience management, logistics etc.) in preparation for their professional careers in the field of Performing Arts nationally and internationally. Led by Suffolk faculty, students learned how to create meaning out of this experiential learning, how to utilize the new experience during jobs application processes in the future, how to work effectively in a new cultural environment and navigate complexities of one of the largest Performing Arts events in the world.  Students had access to the events at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and went on excursions to nearby historical sites.

Program Dates

This program to be offered next in 2020.

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