Denmark Viking Ship Museum
Maritime Aspects of the Viking Age—The Danish Experience
This program consists of 3 days of pre-departure campus instruction, nine-day long course of study at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark’s medieval capital city, and a final assignment upon arrival to the U.S. While in Denmark, students will learn how to look into the history of Medieval Ages and understand what happened during that historic period. At the museum, students will participate in interactive lectures with the world’s leading experts in the field of Viking era maritime history and archeology centered around the museum’s five Viking era ships excavated from the adjacent Roskilde Fjord. Participants in this program will learn the principles of Viking era ship construction and artifact preservation. Students will also participate in the exciting, hands-on field of Experimental Archeology by actually learning to sail replicas of the museum’s Viking era ships. Additionally, students will explore urban archaeology of Roskilde and learn about the rise and fall of a Danish medieval metropolis, participate in individual studies of the Roskilde Cathedral, visit Lejre Museum, camp in reconstructed Viking era tents at the Land of Legends. The program also includes excursion to the nearby city of Copenhagen.

3 credits
HIS 201 – Medieval Europe

Fulfills SUNY General Education Requirement for Social Sciences and Western Civilization.

Prerequisite: HIS101 or permission of Chair/Dean.

Pre-Departure Instruction Dates:
May 28 - 30, 2019 on Eastern campus. Room TBD.

Program Dates in Denmark:
June 3 – 14, 2019

NOTE: ALL students must plan to arrive to Roskilde on June 2nd by 10pm; program housing will be available until June 14th, noon.

Program Fee: $1,650
Program Fee for the program may change based on outside factors beyond our control (DKK/dollar exchange rates fluctuations, etc.). If such changes occur, they will be reflected in the last installment of the payment schedule.

Program fee DOES NOT include tuition, airfare, meals and local transportation.

Certain fees are nonrefundable at any time. Those fees include: application fee ($250), returned check fee ($35), and airfare.

Payment schedule for this program is as follows:
December 17th – $650
February 15th – $500
March 15th – $500 (or remaining balance, should any unexpected changes occur in currency exchange rates etc.)

Please, note: if your check is returned for any reason you will be charged an additional $35 fee.

Refund Policy:

Prior to February 15th – 100% refund
Prior to March 15th – 50% refund
After March 15th – 0% refund

THIS PROGRAM HAS LIMITED CAPACITY. It is advisable to pay Program Fee as early as possible to secure a spot.

IMPORTANT: Please, consult with your campus Financial Aid Office – Study Abroad tuition and program fees are eligible for Financial Aid.

Program Leader
Dr. George H. Monahan

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