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Procedure for Requests

A request for information under FOIL must be made in writing by the Requestor and must contain a reasonable complete description of the information sought.  A reason for the request is not required unless personal information is sought.  Request forms are available in the Office of Legal Affairs, Ammerman Campus, NFL Building, Room 230.

Within 5 business days of receipt of a request, the Freedom of Information Officer will either:

  1. Make the record available;
  2. Deny the request and provide the reason;
  3. State that the record is not in the custody of the College;
  4. State that the record could not be found after a diligent search;
  5. Acknowledge the receipt of the request, give an approximate date that the records will be available and the reason for the delay

If a request is denied by the College, the Requestor has the right to appeal the denial, in writing, within 30 days to the County Attorney.  A determination will be made by the County Attorney on the appeal within 10 business days of receipt fo the appeal.


The Freedom of Information Officer may collect a $.25 per page fee for copies of the requested information.  Cash payments are acceptable; payments by check or money order must be made payable to Suffolk County Community College.  Payment of fees must be received before copies are made.

Unless and until otherwise provided by law, there will be no fee charged for inspection of records, search for records or any certification of records.

Student Requests

If a request for information is received from a student of the College and the student claims that the information requested is course related, the instructor of the course must sign the request as well as the student.  A student of the College will not be charged a fee for copies.


Kathryn Mattia, Sr. Legal Secretary at

FOIL Request form

Incident Request form